How to get rid of PCOS belly fat?

PCOS comes with an array of problems, belly fat being one of the many. Are you planning to cut out the excess with ab workouts? You might get disappointed at the results after earnestly pushing through those crunches.
It is because ab workouts focus on strengthening your core and not fat burning.
The fat that is hidden away, in between your internal organs (Visceral fat) contributes to insulin resistance, which also leads to disruption in several other hormones and further worsening PCOS symptoms. YIKES!

So, what CAN you do to shed that belly fat?


Exercises that work on strengthening your muscles will help you in increasing your metabolic rate, reducing insulin resistance and androgen levels as well. Strength training exercises include: Squats, push-ups, lifting weights, planks and so on. Once you are done with your strength training, you can finish your workout with a quick HIIT that will pack the final punch. A high intensity interval training has been proven to be the most beneficial for women with PCOS. Even a 10-minute HIIT workout everyday will provide you with astonishing results.


Cardio workouts include exercises like power walking, jogging, cycling, trekking, skipping and so on.
A cardio workout for 20-30 minutes every day will not only help you to reduce weight but also elevate your mood as well as improve ovulation cycles. Your insulin levels will go down and slowly, you will feel more energetic throughout the day.

What about your cortisol?

Let’s face it, we all find it difficult to manage our stress sometimes. What is the consequence? High cortisol levels. This unmanaged hormone then causes our excess fat to store around our abdominal region, increasing risks of various diseases and health issues. Therefore, it is important to incorporate exercises or practices in your routine that relieve your stress and relax your mind. Whether it is dancing or long walks, maybe Yoga and meditation, whatever it is that frees your mind off that stress, indulge in it.

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