Our Health Experts

Dr. Kinjal Shah (MBBS, DGO)

Dr. Kinjal is a clinician of repute and has treated several patients suffering from gynaecological problems like PCOS across India. Dr. Kinjal’s special area of concern include gynecological disorders, premarital and preconceptional counselling , infertility and sexual health education. Beside her clinical practice, she is also associated with Parivar Seva NGO, Ahmedabad. She is a strong supporter of holistic health and wellness for PCOS/PCOD reversal.

Educational Background : MBBS, NHL Medical College, Ahmedabad. Post-graduation in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Pune.

Last Insta Live Session : Wednesday, 10th June, 8pm IST

Topics Covered : 

  • Basics of PCOS/PCOD education for young women
  • Misconceptions and panic associated with PCOS/PCOD 
Nidhi Dhulla

Dt Niti Dhulla

Dt. Niti is a Gold Medalist in Foods, Nutrition & Dietetics from University of Mumbai. She is the Founder and Owner of  an online nutrition consultancy – NUTRIDIET BY NITIDHULLA. Her areas of expertise include issues like PCOS, Diabetes, Thyroid, Weight Management, Hormonal Issues, Preconceptual & Sports Nutrition. She  has worked with several patients & has successfully helped them reverse the conditions.
She emphasizes on the blend of traditional food wisdom & yoga for a healthy body & mind. Besides her own practice, she has worked for spreading Nutrition awareness amongst the tribal communities across Maharashtra.

  • She is a Certified Yoga Instructor from The Yoga Institute (RYS 200, RYT 200)
  • She is also a Certified Acupressure Therapist (SuJok)
  • Completed a course on ‘Health Effects of Climate Change’ from Harvard University
  • Completed a course on Nutrition in Exercise & Fitness

Educational background :

  • Graduation in Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics,  Nirmala Niketan (Churchgate), Mumbai University
  • Post Graduation in Dietetics and Applied Nutrition from Nirmala Niketan (Churchgate), Mumbai University.
Insta Live Session : Sunday, 21st June, 2020, 4pm IST

Topic to be covered: Benefits of Yoga for PCOS patients.




Dr Manasi Angole

Dr. Manasi Angole, BAMS, DYA, DPB

Current Position: Senior Ayurvedic Consultant with Patanjali Yogapeeth

Work Experience: 10+ years

Areas of Expertise:

  • Infertility
  • Fibroid Cyst
  • Other Gynaecological disorders
Preferred Mode of Treatment:
  • Lifestyle Improvement
  • Ayurvedic Tablets
  • Panchakarma

Ms Pragati Tyagi

Ms. Pragati Tyagi is a Software Engineer turned Yoga Instructor.


One year Diploma in Yoga Vidya from Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi
and a 200 Hours teacher training Diploma from Association Of Yoga and
, Rishikesh


Having taught yoga for over 5 years, she has also worked with corporates like Sanofi India, Lifestyle Stores, TACTlive, Cvent India and Asheray Welfare an NGO

She practices and teaches traditional Hatha Yoga and tops it with experience from self practice and knowledge from her Gurus.

Insta Live Session : Sunday, 9th August, 2020, 4pm IST

Topic: Live Performance of Yoga

Dr. Saraswati Vaghani

Dr. Sarasvati Vaghini is a doctor from Surat, Gujarat. She has a vast knowledge regarding the diet and lifestyle changes one should follow in order to manage thier PCOS without any OCP‘s or metformins. She has successful personal diet plans for weight loss and hormonal balance for women.

Educational background :

  • MBBS from Tianjin University and is currently registered with MCI (Medical Council of India)
Work Experience: 3.5 years
Insta Live Session : Sunday, 5th July, 2020, 6pm IST

Topic to be covered: Diet and Weight Loss plans without any medications.


Simran Psetty

Simran Psetty is a Mental Health Counselor, Therapist and Content Creator. Like many modern women, she too was diagnosed with PCOS during her teenage years. She specialises in helping people overcome their limiting thoughts and supporting them through the journey of healing and self-love. She strongly believes in the connection between mental & physical health. She herself has managed to control her PCOS condition through making holistic lifestyle shifts. She is currently raising awareness on Mental health through her Instagram page “Eunoia Mind”.

Educational background :

  • MA Applied Psychology (Specialisation in Counseling) ; Tata Institute of Social Sciences (BALM, Chennai)
  • BA Psychology (Gold Medalist), St. Francis College For Women (Hyderabad)
Insta Live Session : Sunday, 19th July, 2020, 7pm IST

Topic to be covered: Importance of Mental Health for PCOS Patients