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What we do

We recognize the challenges that women face due to PCOS symptoms and we are here to tell you just one simple thing – ‘YOU can fight this’. Our team constantly updates and curates practical and science-backed resources, blogs, and information and connects you with a community of women who understand. Our PCOS experts will guide you in adopting a holistic approach towards your health and wellness while helping you in your PCOS reversal journey. We’ll get through this together!


What is PCOS Virago?

Virago represents a female warrior who is trying to heal from her condition by diligently fighting her way through the heap of problems she faces and comes out victorious. Her goal, which is PCOS reversal, is conquered and she’s now on a quest to help and guide women towards a life of fertility and femininity. Are you ready to be a fellow Virago then?

Anushka's Story


My journey of battling PCOS has been similar to yours. I was diagnosed to have PCOS in December 2017. Unaware of what this new term means – I searched on the internet and read about this new “disease” which my doctor had told to be extremely common among the women of my age. I could totally match with the symptoms given on the page – an array of possible symptoms which women with PCOS often wrestle with like excess weight gain or resistant weight loss, irregular menstrual cycles, infertility, depression, acne, hirsutism (excessive hair growth on parts of the body where hair does not normally occur in women), hair loss and thinning of hair. Next came an even unnerving experience – the future risks. Insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, ovarian cancer, endometriosis, high cholesterol and high blood pressure…

Our Team

Our initiative is incubated at COEP’s BHAU Institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership which was set up by Mr. Narendra Kale (Harvard Business School ) and Mr. Sanjay Inamdar (MIT, USA) to promote growth of incubation of enterprises.

Anushka Bhave, Founder

Anushka has been helping women with PCOS since the age of 18, when she co-founded PCOS Virago to increase awareness about PCOS and show them the path to PCOS reversal. She believes that the intersection of technology and healthcare can truly revolutionize the women’s health space. She is currently pursuing a B.Tech in Computer Engineering at VIT Pune. She has been conferred with awards like the GirlScript 21 Under 21, Global Student Entrepreneur’s Award and has been a back to back winner at Google Techstars StartUp Weekend.

Prasanna Akolkar, Co-Founder

Prasanna is pursuing a B.Tech in Information Technology from VIT Pune. He loves to apply his knowledge to promote innovation and is passionate about health tech. He is also a stock market enthusiast and truly believes in the power of compounding.

Awards and Recognition

PCOS Virago has received several recognitions from various organizations for working on the innovation in health-tech and working socially for educating women about PCOS.

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